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Do you use hoof oil, why and what brand?

Do you use hoof oil, why and what brand?
I use Fiebings, I use it to keep my guy’s feet from cracking!
Yes I've always used hoof oil for my horse. I use rainmaker because it stays on more and is more durable and long lasting and my horse is in the pasture basically 24/7 so he needs it.
I’ve always used hoof oil for as far back as I can remember. I can’t remember the name of my very favorite brand, but the second kind I prefer is Hoof Magic
Sometimes, if my farrier recommends it. If I'm using it, I usually use hoofmaker or something similar (on a similar but somewhat unrelated note, Venice turpentine is excellent for hardening soles and much cheaper than keratex)
Yes! I love the fiebrings (idk how to spell it) and it’s amazing. Keeps my mates feet hard and they’ve never cracked, and repels water. Highly recommend