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What are some bonding things to do with your horse?

What are some bonding things to do with your horse?
After my horse experienced an injury, I spent months just grooming her, feeding her, and walking with her. Then when I had the chance to get back in the saddle, our connection could not have been stronger :)
Hi Georgia! The best way I’ve found to bond with my horse is to spend time with him without heavy work! He’s been out for the past month so I’ve been just hopping on him bareback and taking him for an easy walk-ride. I’ve been grooming him for wayyy longer than I normally would and I can definetly see a difference in how happy he is when I show up to the barn! Goodluck!
Join up is a great way off getting the correct bond and partnership with your horse, it’s starts to help your trust you ❤️ If your not sure how to do it there are lots of videos on YouTube! Hope this helps
Lauren x
I like to just spend time with my horse in the arena. I usually free jump him or play ball with him or work on tricks and bareback riding.