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How do you deal with nervousness after a 12 weeks off due to injury?

How do you deal with nervousness after a 12 weeks off due to injury?
All the things everyone else said are pretty spot on. But also remember you do this because it is fun and you love it!! Never put a mountain of pressure on yourself because that will take the love and excitement out of it.
Hi Merlynn. I understand that it can be really scary after a fall, and especially after an injury. I remember knocking my tailbone out of my sacrum after a fall. The best advice I can give is: don’t let your fear get the best of you and prevent you from getting back on. It’ll be something you really regret. Just be strong, even if the confidence is fake, and get through at least one ride :) maybe a slow walk in the arena or a trail ride. There’s no pressure to start at a fast pace the moment you’re feeling better. Just take your time, whatever is most comfortable for you and your horse. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Hi Merlynn,

Just trust yourself, you know you have done it before, there's no reason why you couldn't do it now! And if you ride with a trainer, trust him/her, he/she knows you and your horse. Don't hesitate to tell him/her how you feel, so that he can adjust the lesson.

Don't rush things, follow your instinct and keep listening to yourself!

Hope it helps, good luck I am sure it will be okay 🙂