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What is your horse's name, breed, and sex?

What is your horse's name, breed, and sex?
Lucky Charm aka Dylan, Quarter Horse, gelding.
John donkey other
Jettah, Arabian Quarter, mare.
Cairo, warmblood gelding
Crumble bee troteval, selle francais gelding
Shanbo Lily, connemara mare
Cardent DDL, Dutch Warmblood gelding ;)
My purebred welsh section b mares name is Magic Mountain, but we just call her Magic.
My pony is a mare and he name is Raven and her breed isn’t recorded
Hey Claudia. I love thoroughbreds with a passion! Name ideas for your big boy could be: Beau, Jigsaw, Flash, Flame, Perseus, Poseidon, Special, Winston, Archie, Leo, or even Louie!
my horse is a thoroughbred X pre gelding, he is named Ice, but I'm going to change it now that we're creating his papers. I'd love if you told some name ideas, I'm thoughtless ;(