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Ask Pierre Beaupère : is there one breed that you would recommend for dressage?

Ask Pierre Beaupère : is there one breed that you would recommend for dressage?
It was a pleasure! I hope it helped!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me!!
Hi K,

Thank you for your question!

I get that question a lot and I always have troubles to answer!

I think dressage is made for the horses, and not the horse for dressage. So in my opinion, dressage is there to help the horses to find the best balance when they have to move with a rider on their back. With that said, I believe that all the horses that are ridden should do some dressage, at least the minimum to have a good posture, a good balance and a good locomotion. If we think at dressage this way, it is good for all the horses, even (and especially!) if they don't have a great conformation.

But to be a little more specific about your question, I would say that it depends a lot on what are your goals with your horse.

Clearly, if you want to win the World Cup, you will need a horse with very good basic gaits because in competition it is very important in our days.

In my opinion, if you want to touch the difficult exercises and the advanced collection, the breed is actually less important than the temper, the strength, the conformation and the way the horse uses his body. I don't care about the breed but these characteristics are very important to me when I look for a great dressage horse.

Finally, I think that today we tend to forget that before anything else, it is about Love. About being fascinated and inspired when you look at your horse. About creating a true relationship and companionship with him. We must feel deep in our heart and stomach that this horse is our soulmate, no matter the breed, the abilities of the quality of the gaits.

I have seen many of these horses that were chosen only because they could bring medals and ribbons to their owner. And it is terrible to see how both the horse and the rider were sad. For the horse, it is usually a life of suffering, without the love and recognition they need so much. And for the riders, no matter how successful they are, it is like they feel deep inside that they are missing something, that they are missing to point. Because even if I'm a dressage rider, I believe that before anything else it is about choosing the horse that will make us grow, evolve, question ourselves. And it is about the relationship we create with them. Dressage, then, is only a tool to get there, much more than a destination in itself...

I hope this answers your question!