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How do you stop your horse from moving when you are trying to mount?

How do you stop your horse from moving when you are trying to mount?
I got one who won’t stand at it. But she is finally fingering it out. Just stand on the block until she stops moving around it then try to mount and if she does it keep doing it till she stands.
Thanks for all your suggestions!
Have someone with you when you mount to hold a treat for them, only do this for a few times while you mount and gradually they will realise hat standing still isn’t so bad!
If you are only going to by yourself though you could try putting a pole in front and beside the horse to crest a ‘parking spot’ almost. They will find it easier to stand inside the poles then waking over them... gradually move them further and further away until they have enough space to move but just don’t bother!
Sorry for the long message but hope it helps x🙂
I disagree slightly with Jessica. I don’t think you should get on if your horse is moving away and being disrespectful. When your horse moves away before you can get on, you have 2 options- physically discipline them, then reposition them at the mounting block... or you can calmly reposition them at the mounting block. You should start with the calm approach, but if your horse is not responding, work in some discipline if needed. Always start off with the calm approach though, but some horses need to be physically punished to understand that what they are doing is disrespectful.
I agree with what Jessica said. Keep trying until they do it correctly, they will learn that as soon as they don’t walk away you will stop. Be careful when doing this though, don’t put your foot in the stirrup because if you are getting on and off your horse multiple times then it may bother their back. Another thing you can do is turn their head towards you. This makes it so if they try to go anywhere they just end up turning towards you. Good luck and I hope this helped!
You just get on quickly and swing yourself over. Unless you have some time to spare and put your foot in the stirrup and if they walk away jump down and do it again u too they stand still. They will learn that doing the right thing is easier and stay still when I'm mounting. I make my horse wait after mounting and only move if I ask him to.