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Ladies of Horsealot, what is your favorite beauty tip being an equestrian? Mine must be using tons of sunscreen.

Ladies of Horsealot, what is your favorite beauty tip being an equestrian? Mine must be using tons of sunscreen.
Keeping quality cleansing cloths on me to wipe the grime off me as well as tinted mouisterizer with sunscreen!
Have to agree on the sunscreen =D
Sunscreen and a good moisturiser and also lipbalm
Tons of sunscreen and always riding with long sleeves shirt for the sun.
Hat also a Big necessity when teaching
Lots of dry shampoo
Moisturize moisturize moisturize!! Even during the hot summers and especially cold winters!
Blotting papers! So great to keep that greasy feeling away on hot days
I agree, broad spectrum high SPF sunblock and shade clothes are essential!
A quality facial sunscreen will do more than protect your skin from the sun. My skin stings when I sweat and sunscreen creates a barrier. I still sweat but it doesn’t sting. Always cleanse straight after a ride and apply regular moisturiser.
Using a lot sunscreen when out riding. Exfoliating 3 times a week. Using a good moisturiser day and night. Drinking as much water as the horse.
I get my brows waxed and tinted and my lashes tinted (Im blonde so they look non existant otherwise) i use lots of sunscreen and like others said use makeup wipes after a ride and I use a charcoal cleanser at home. Also lots of deoderant and I've learnt how to master the messy bun for post ride helmet hair.
SUNSCREEN, Este luader double wear, lash extensions- no need for mascara🤣
Always cleanse skin before and after you ride (wipes/ micellar water are great) 8 hour cream is a life saver for lips and dry skin. Drink lots of water and sunscreen!!!! Also, brushing your brows up and putting on a BB cream and some mascara makes you look more polished for shows and won’t clog your pores too much
always wear shorts if your not riding to tan your legs
Oh and also, I keep makeup wipes or sometimes baby wipes in my tack trunk or bag to wipe my face after I ride. My face gets really dusty from the arena dust so wiping down my face really helps. I've noticed a decrease in pimples too.
Same lol. I don't really wear makeup when I'm riding because I sweat it off so easily and haven't found a brand that actually stays on my face without being too heavy or expensive. But sunscreen is definitely one of them
Hi Hang! Considering I spend most of my day at school wearing a bit of makeup, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin when I keep makeup wipes at the barn to takeoff my makeup before I ride! Sounds simple but its a big thing for me and my teenage skin :)
During the summer I wear loads of sun cream and lip balm and wipes to clean my sweaty face and in winter just loads of lip balm as my lips crack and bleed and wipes too if it was a hard ride :))
Hey, what a great question 🙂 Just as Juliette, I use lip balm, sunscreen, and try to refreshen or keep my face clean with baby whipes. If I am at a nice show I add some light pink color in my lipstick, a little mascara and I highlight my brows lightly.
VASELINE!!! Lol it saves my lips x