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How do you keep your toes from turning out?

How do you keep your toes from turning out?
All I do is keep my stirrups slightly too short to begin with so I can’t have them outwards and then lengthen them after roughly 2-5 minutes
Your toe should point out slightly- not a ridiculous amount, but your feet shouldn't be straight forwards. And tbh, as long as you're well-balanced and can give clear aids, I wouldn't worry about it. Also regarding the earlier advice about rolling your knee into the saddle, I wouldn't. It can get you into the habit of gripping with your knee, which will just cause your lower leg to come off the horse entirely.
If your toes are pointed out then so are your knees even if you can’t see daylight! Really focus on rolling your knees into the saddle and your feet will follow the action if done correctly.
I have the same default, it's so annoying especially when jumping!
My trained told me to focus on it, it's going to be hard the first few lessons but apparently it will work. He's going to tell me to think about my toes every 5 minutes if he has to aha