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What has been the impact on horses on you when you were young, or how do horses impact your young years?

What has been the impact on horses on you when you were young, or how do horses impact your young years?
It’s helped me learn that life isn’t all fun and games. It takes blood, sweat and tears to reach your dreams. I always thought one day I’d be this big shot with plenty of money and no responsibility, but having horses (especially recently) has taught me that it’s going to take a lot of work and resilience. In the past three years my life has really started to take shape, I’m only thirteen and I’m applying for an job at my local vet, I have an agreement with one of the race horse owners who races his horses up here in winter and spring to muck out and walk his horses at the beach, I’ve become Junior Delegate at my pony club, I part trained a horse, and I bought my second and third horses, sure I’ve had some big blows, I had to say goodbye to my first horse to a liver failure, I sold my third horse after he became to much for me handle and I had to push back my goals half a year so that my OTTB could recieve better training, but it’s all been so worth it. Honestly without horses I don’t think I would take anything as seriously as I do, the responsibility has set me up for my future and it’s really given me a purpose and a dream in my life. All in all horses are the best thing to have happened to me
Horses have made me responsible and definitely helped me toughen up. Horseback riding is a sport that you can’t just skip for a few days because you’re sick, like many other sports. You have to take care of your horse no matter what. Of course one day off because you are sick won’t matter (unless you have to feed them! Then it definitely matters lol) but you often have to get over it and go anyways. Our horses are dependent on us, and it is our responsibility to take care of the horse wether we want to or not. So I guess responsibility and toughening up are kind of one thing, because you have to toughen up to take care of your responsibilities. Another way that horseback riding has shaped me is that not everything goes as planned, and it has made me more flexible with things. You can make a plan for your horse, but there always seems to be something wrong that changes your plans and you have to accept it and work around it.
Hi Ashley,

Horses had a strong impact on me when I was a teenager. I had my first horse at 14 years old, he has learned me to have the sense of responsibilities, to organize my time to follow at school while having time to take care of my horse...