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What are your advice for trick training?

What are your advice for trick training?
Hi Kristina!
I have done trick training with a few horses, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert or anything. Something I think is very important when teaching your horse a new trick is to take it slow. You want to do a short session, less than 20 minutes, each day. If your training session is too long then they become unfocused and it will be much harder to train them.
Something else I would say is that if your horse is having a tough time learning the trick (not understanding what to do) then try to think of another way that you would be able to teach it.

I hope this helps answer your question!
I want to start trick training my horse. I’ve started learning him smile. And he understood It fast. I would like to talk to someone that have been trick training for a awhile to get some advice 😃