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What are your advice for competition nerves?😊😂

What are your advice for competition nerves?😊😂
Hi Heidi! I used to get so nervous at shows that I would get sick before riding. Being more relaxed just comes with experience. The more shows I did, I became more comfortable with the routine and the environment. Just try to tough it out for a while until your body learns that the show is not a high-stress situation!
It helps me a lot when I imagine myself going trough the course and doing everything right! I feel more confident! Or just close your eyes and breathe and say to yourself I’m ready everything is going to be excellent!🤗
Hi Heidi,

Keep in mind that if you are at a show, that's because you and your horse are ready! And remember that it's not a life or death situation, you are here to spend a good time with your horse, and check if your work is great 🙂