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What is a good way to keep the head up?

What is a good way to keep the head up?
Horse or rider?

Rider, pick points around the ring or area that you will look at as you ride around. And say chin up in your head, it’s harder than most people realize to remember to keep your chin up lol.

Horse? That requires forward energy and that comes from your leg. Lots and lots of leg. If they’re plodding around on the forehand (more using front end) they will sometimes go below the vertical and their head dips down. If you get them going forward properly, use your leg to get that impulsive, they will drive from behind. That will help with them dipping their head.
Hi Katie,

You can stare at a point, keep in mind that you don't have to look at your horse, and that if you look at the ground, you are more likely to fall on the ground aha 😉