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What can I do for riding in the winter?

What can I do for riding in the winter?
I love bareback any way thanks so much charleigh
Bareback is always nice, quarter sheets. You can find lined waterproof pants that are always nice, find a hat that goes over your helmet and ears as well as hand warmers and boot warmers
Thanks definitely will try them
Also make sure you’re horse isn’t wet after you ride and if it is use a sweat scrape if possible and tug them straight away
For yourself buy some thermal riding clothes and a riding jacket if you’re riding out and maybe some woolly boots to ride in
Use a quarter sheet to give your horse some coverage and warmth and put your bit in hot water if it’s cold so your horse doesn’t have to have a cold bit in its mouth
First thing, safety for your horse, if your horse is shod and you’re riding in snow or ice ask your farrier for these anti slip pads or chalk pads to prevent slipping