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Please help and support me.

Please help and support me.
I was suppose to delete my comments. I have got it all figured out now. Sorry for the inconvenience
Sorry, I’m a bit confused... what do you need support with? I understand that you have set up a go fund me page, but you are saying you are not asking for money.

I’m genuinely confused, I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh or rude. I’m just looking for a further explanation so I can better answer your question.
I am not asking for money . I am a very good rider but just got a car that's my parents bought me. I just graduated out of high school last May. I want to keep riding.
I compete at eventing level- Tadpole and I do jumpers which is 2'6
I agree with you. you are right. I am very bad at explaining.
I see in your other posts that you are looking for donations, and have set up a GoFundMe page for another horse and equipment. Please do not take offense when I say I think this is a very, very bad idea. As you have owned a horse before, you know that buying the horse and equipment is only a fraction of the cost of horse ownership, and if you cannot afford the initial cost, how will you afford the ongoing costs?

I too love riding and training horses. I have never owned a horse because I have never been able to afford to keep one. I even stopped being able to afford lessons as a child. Instead, I have worked and worked and worked to learn as much as possible. I volunteered at a small yard for years, and rode the horses there until I got work as a groom. I then got a degree in Equine Science and I'm currently doing a postgrad. People now pay me for riding and schooling their horses, from lazy old cobs to high end showjumpers, and I still haven't owned a horse, because buying the horse is the easy bit.

In order to get any support, you will have to be able to explain why you deserve to get it. You'll have to explain why not only should people help pay for your one off payments, but your continuous vet, farrier, dentist, feed, livery, bedding, etc., bills as well. I'm afraid there are plenty of people who love riding horses, so you'll have to explain why you should be helped and not others who love horse riding as much as you do. People who get sponsorships are competing to a high level, are seen by the people who companies want to target. Are you at that level?

Another thing to think about is down the line. Will people want to pay someone who has had money handed to them, and has never really had to work for what they have, or would they rather hand their money to someone who did whatever it took to get to the point they are at? Having seen the results of both, I know which one I would go for and it's not the former. It's very rare to see someone who has had everything handed to them have the same level of knowledge and commitment as someone who has had to work for it.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really do think that in the long run, you would be much better off not buying a horse/tack until you are earning enough to pay for it yourself.
I need tack
What do you need help and support with?