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Do you find that there is a difference between how men and women are treated in the equine world, if so, what are the differences?

Do you find that there is a difference between how men and women are treated in the equine world, if so, what are the differences?
Our sport is unique in that women and men have been competing in the same category for decades!
To be a good rider you need to be both sensitive and balanced (feminine qualities) and decisive and brave (male qualities), so always try to observe and learn from your colleagues of the opposite sex!
Weight discrimination. Men "can be" heavier than a women, women that are 200+ get nasty comments about their weight and how they shouldn't be riding while a 250lb + man is riding next to her. Its stupid but true.
Sort of like they always get really called out like in my lessons when ever there’s a guy in the lesson and the instructor is just still the only guy but it shouldn’t really be like that
I feel like it’s equal for boys and girls well at least it should be
I think it's pretty equal, however, in my pony club there are only 5/6 boys out of like 80 girls 😂 😂 😂
What i’ve seen is that in the lower levels and youth competitions it is mostly girls competing. But when you look at more international competitions it’s mostly male riders. So I think that it really depends on what level you are competing at and in what industry (jumping racing, dressage,etc). Hopefully one day we’ll see equal amounts of both guys and girls in all level of competition.
When I was still riding, I had to buy women's trousers.🤣
In high classes such as longines GP men are the most of competitors, but I think it’s changing all the time ;)
As a guy, its really hard for me, really little amount of male equestrian clothing that I can find and im the only guy at my barn with over 50 people, but I really like that at FEI level there are more guys than girls so this makes me really happy
Regarding the number of women in the amateur level, compared to the high level, I think that yes, there is a difference. In the US it's not the same, we have a lot of women at the high level, but when you look at the gender of the greatest riders in the FEI ranking all around the world, there are definitely more men...

Maybe it's more difficult for women to focus on their career when there is a social pressure for them to have children, or to find sponsors, owners who entrust them their horses...
I personally admire men in the equine industry since they have been told riding is a girl thing. That's insane. It's not a girl thing, it's a thing for people who enjoy riding. I hope all the men who start riding may overcome the judgement and pursue the sport boldly.
Men usually get told that it’s a girl thing, and when they’re seen riding they’re told that they’re gay. It’s awful
Men are usually told it’s a girl thing. That’s all I’ve observed.