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Do you sometimes learn by yourself or do you always take lessons with your trainer, and why?

Do you sometimes learn by yourself or do you always take lessons with your trainer, and why?
I do a bit of both! I have an app called Equisense that has exercises and drills on it that I do sometimes at home alone. Or I’ll video what I do at home and send it to my trainer to get tips/corrections from her on what I’m doing. I find both alone and lessons work alright for me but I like lessons better because at home I’m not always confident im doing it 100% right. It’s nice to have that second set of eyes and opinions. Especially when learning something new or doing something you’ve never done before! But also while at home I video myself to watch later and correct myself on the things I’m not seeing that I’m doing till watching the video from a different point of view, then the next day I can remind myself of what I needed to change!!
I mostly learn by myself because only I know my horse the best and what he and I are cable of. Taking lessons with a trainer is good, however, to get better at riding and advance with your horse you need to find a good trainer that knows what they are doing. If your horse picks up bad behavior and/or is becoming difficult (if not already) or that trainer is making you do things your not comfortable with (not saying that the trainer is not pushing you to get better but way out of your comfort zone)
If you feel like an advanced rider and that you more or less will not hurt yourself or the horse seriously. It is good to have one or two alone time lessons a week since it helps you to just cement what you have learned plus it helps you to not have your trainer as a crutch and be able to make desicions on your own, even in uncomfortable situation. But I allways recomend to come back with a trainer to correct some mistakes or habits that you may have picked up without noticing.
Learning to ride alone is a great skill to have and helps boost confidence. Riding without a trainer gives you time to really learn your horse, as well as yourself. That way, you have your own things to bring to your trainer that you’ve been working on, and what you need to work on.
I had different trainers when I started but now I do some times myself but. I am starting with a new one this winter. And we got a friend who mainly help me out a lot before shows.
I sometimes learn from myself but I learn the most with my trainer since she sees what I do wrong and will teach me the right way but when I teach myself I get in bad habits since I don’t see what I do wrong