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For which equipments are you ready to pay more (saddle, bit, helmet...)?

For which equipments are you ready to pay more (saddle, bit, helmet...)?
Honestly I’d pay more for it all if it meant I was getting better quality that would last me longer and be better for me and my horse 🐴
Saddle and a helmet ( saddle will or might be more then the helmet just depends on brand and quality )
Saddle and helmet
Saddle and helmet!
Saddle !
helmet and saddle
It depends in which range you have available. Ps. Funny that people reacted 50 years ago on your question LOL😁
Saddle and Helmet
saddle and helmet
Saddle goes form R8000 up to R20000+

Saddle or helmet
saddle or helmet
Hmm..i would have to say helmet
Saddle and helmets
Hello Emily,

Just like Tamara and Randi my priorities are my saddle and my helmet! It's the most important for me, to be safe and to respect my horse's back!

I would love to have more sustainable equipment too, do you know some brands?
Being trained in both helmet fitting and saddle fitting, I can say that you can get great helmets - so long as they fit! - for $300 or less, and I wouldn't spend more than $500 on a helmet. Just because a fashionable helmet costs $900 does not actually mean it is as safe as a $300. For saddles, generally the more expensive it is means better quality, and (hopefully) better fit. They're so important to the rider's seat and overall balance, forwardness and muscular development of horses that it is something I would not skimp on.
I'm willing to pay more for quality, safety, and sustainability. A good fitting helmet, quality leather and stitching in tack, that sort of thing 😁 rather buy a more expensive, good quality bridle than a cheap one with poor leather that breaks after a year.