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How do you handle your time at shows to don't be late?

How do you handle your time at shows to don't be late?
Clean tack and horse the night before. Give 15 extra travel minutes and get to the venue 20 minutes before you need to warm up
if I don't have a detailed schedule, I will end up missing my classes. setting up reminders on my phone help a lot too
Have everything ready before hand then make a schedule on a white board or your phone starting with your ride time or class start and working backwards determine when you want to be warming up , when to be tacking up etc.
Prepare you horse tack and all that befor put hay bags in and all that and if your horses are in fields and you have stalls put them in and love early as you can also you can make list
hello, you can make reminders on your phone, if there is no such function you can record the training days in the calendar. I hope I helped you.
Make a plan the night before and set alarms on my phone. I also make sure everyone on the team has a schedule and that all the horses are braided and ready early.