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Have you tried the shampoo Mane n' tail on your hair?

Have you tried the shampoo Mane n' tail on your hair?
Yes,it was a small bottle though so couldn't get so much results but I liked it😊
Yes it is great for human hair.
It makes hair grow longer,stronger and thicker.
Yes I tried it on my hair and the results were great! From damaged, my hair became more manageable and smooth. 😍
I've heard it really does good for your hair
No but it seems like many people use it
yes it works well for me! keeps it really soft

We sometimes use baby shampoo on horses so why wouldn't we use horse shampoo on our hair 😂
Like Maddy said Jennifer Aniston but also Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker use it!

It was originally created to help keep show ponies’ manes and tails strong and glossy, but when their owners started using the shampoo and conditioner on their own hair, to great results, word quickly spread.
Hi Cassie,

I use it for some time now! I was surprised to find horse shampoo in my store at first so I did some research and a lot of celebrities uses it!

I read that it's the secret of Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous hair 😉