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What are your favorite breeches?

What are your favorite breeches?
Pikeur is always my first choice. Excellent fit and quality
Fouganza (Decathlon) jods are great. I have a pair of summer light ones, and a pair of winter fleece lined waterproof ones. The lighter ones do tear at the crotch eventually, but they're only a few euro.

I also have a pair of Tally Ho jods that I have had for about 15 years now. They're almost good as new, except for a hole in the knee. I'd fallen off on the road though and slid, so I was expecting far more damage.
Hahn from Hööks🤩
I really like Tailord Sportsmams or Tredstep.
Horse pilot, good quality and the price matches that, super comfortable and good looking! + so many colors to choose from