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We all are from different parts of the world with different weathers, where are you from and when do you clip your horses if you clip them?

We all are from different parts of the world with different weathers, where are you from and when do you clip your horses if you clip them?
I live in Western Australia, meaning it’s always hot, my horse gets clipped in the middle winter because his coat doesn’t grow in very fast and looses it really quick. He usually has a hunter or full clip
I dont own a horse but i ride at two different places in the first just a regular lessons place they dont and in the other one i go to is half lessons half polo cross and they clip the polo cross horses but not lesson horse so i guess it depends on if your horse is in a stall and when you ride them how hard you work them cuz the polo cross horses its like canter canter canter but the lesson horses its just trot walk and canter every now and then and im in ireland in dublin and they do an Irish cut
I’m from Australia where it is extremely hot laity, so I usually clip my horses 2-3 times a year to make sure they do not over heat!
I'm from South Africa, most horses here only get clipped once or twice in winter. Some imports who've been clipped alot overseas or horses with very thick and long coats get clipped several times through the year though.
We have a horse who was clipped often as a youngster so now he was to be clipped about every 2 months. My horse is only clipped once a year at the end of autumn though 🙃
I’m from Italy and we usually clip them whenever they start sweating too much and it’s getting too cold to let them dry just like that. Obviously it depends on the horse: if it grows a thick coat then you’ll have to clip it several times during the year.
I’m in the UK and I clip my horse now in the run up to winter as there costs are to fluffly and it causes them to sweat when ridden.
I’m in the UK and I’ve just clipped my horse (Irish clip). I don’t have a set time that I’ll clip, it’s when they start sweating too much under a normal amount of work and it’s getting too cold to cool them down properly, then I’ll clip.

He lives out 24/7 so I try to clip as little as possible so he still has protection and warmth, and I rug when it’s rainy or getting really cold. Otherwise he’s out naked 🙈
I clip my horses depending on their coatlenght all year round.

My pony who is a connemara and grows a thick coat got clipped in mid summer and has already been clipped twice this fall.

My horse on the other hand who is a warmblood from central europe and doesn’t really grow a coat hasn’t been clipped since like January.

At my barn we have a heated indoor so the horses need to be rugged and clipped in order to keep their coat short so they dont overheat and get really sweaty as they are in full work.

Generally i clipp them if needed in fall and start rugging, if they dont need clipping I still rug them so they don’t grow a winter coat. I live in Finland❄️