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For you, what is your ideal post-show evening?

For you, what is your ideal post-show evening?
A nice hot bath to relax after a long day and watch a film in my bed
A steaming cup of coffee in front of the fire watching a film
Definately a glass of wine and relaxing at home
Food & wine in my pajamas and in my own bed!
Camping on the show venue and listening to the horses 👌
A quiet evening at home eating my weight in takeout!
Relaxing at home eating some nice dinner and watching Netflix/a movie 👍🏻
A night at home relaxing and watching a good movie
Mexican food , strawberry Daiquiri, and sleep
Love the vibe that comes with shows where we camp on the show venue and have a braai with all family and freinds once the event is over.
Chilling at home watching movies
Relax at our truck after horses feed , cleaned , watered , then all people feed @nd few drinks
Dinner and drinks with friends.
Shovel food into face when finally sitting down (restaurant, hotel bed, drivers seat in truck). Back for night check, administer meds, check wraps, pick stalls. Then hotel, shower, and pass out as quickly as possible to be back up before the sun to foot all again!!
Pick up dinner on way home/hotel. Eat and sleep....early morning ahead!!!!
Pickup a diner on the way home, eat immediately since you haven’t eaten all day as hunger isn’t top priority at a show, then take a hot shower, and tuck in for the night (no matter what time really)
Takeout and hot shower
Shower, takeout and netflix
Great food, great drinks and close horsey friends