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What are the benefits of spurs?

What are the benefits of spurs?
It's a really interesting subject. I wrote an article about spurs if you are interested to read it :
grand prix*
it’s an extension of the leg aid. spurs are commonly mistaken for being harmful to the horse or being used to make the horse go faster. this is not true and this will only become the outcome of used improperly. there are many styles of spurs on the market so picking the right one for your horse is most important. from there, the rider should have a quiet leg and only use the spur for reinforcement of aids when leg pressure isn’t enough. this is very apparent when top level grand prize riders ride with spurs. the horses have PLENTY of go go go and obviously don’t need anything to make them go faster but the rider will use spurs when asking for things that the horse ignores. i’d say that if the biggest benefit of spurs