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What is your opinion about Equipe’s dressage saddle?

What is your opinion about Equipe’s dressage saddle?
Thank you Lauren I finaly order an Devoucoux saddle 😊
I also ride in an Elegance Special Platinum. It was a better fit for me than the Emporio, both fit my horse well. Find a good fitter to come let you try the different saddles.
Thank you Scott I’m looking for but in France it’s difficult to find 😅
I have the elegance special platinum but I only heard good of the Emporio! The best thing to do is to find a reseller to make you try it on your horse to make sure it fits 👍
Which one have you ? I heard that the Emporio get a good quality-price ratio
Just like Molly I have one for a few years now and I love it, it's a second hand saddle but still looks good and perfect for what I do!
Hello Molly
Thank you so much I’m looking for one of them
I’m french and there are not much equestrian who rides in Equipe it’s very difficult to get opinion about it
Hello Manon 🙂

I have one for 3 years now, I am a big fan of it, really comfy and fits my horse perfectly. It allows me to have a great leg position and a good seat so I absolutely recommend it!