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Have you heard of the YouTube channel DaybyDay Vlogs? If you know the channel, what do you think about it? There are many different opinions on them...

Have you heard of the YouTube channel DaybyDay Vlogs? If you know the channel, what do you think about it? There are many different opinions on them...
I love Day by Day Vlogs! They have taught me to build confidence as a rider when I lost mine. The only thing I think they could have done is get Sophie a beginner horse or even did an lease to build her confidence before she got a horse like Finn. I love all there personalities and I love to wake up thinking what did they post today! You guys are probably people who don't even ride, don't know what you are talking about and just want to start drama. Gabby has been riding and learning about horses for 12 years! More than I can say about you guys. When you guys say they don't know what their talking about its because gabby is really never on camera but she does know what she is doing in the back round. You guys should give them a second chance because when you do, I know you will love them.
Personally I started watching their channel and thought I liked them. I’d watch daily. But in more recent months, I’ve slowly lost interest and check up from time to time, but their recent clinic video bothered me. Gabby and Kayleigh (? Pretty sure that’s right) seem to act like they’re better than everybody else. They didn’t seem to like the coach, likely because this coach was on their case on things they were getting away with. And a lot of people have pointed this out on both Kayleigh’s channel, and the day by day channel. Gabby I feel is spoiled, and Sophie gets the bottom end of the horse totem pole. Gabby had a horse that was fine, but didn’t seem to be enough to please herself: so they got chino, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid a lot for chino, as he was the perfect show horse. Sophie, on the other hand has had no true luck on her horses. Stella was not the best for her, and finny himself can be a lot for her. They needed a horse who was beginner safe, knowing she’d be scared of him after an aincident. And now Laura, who is not the most confident rider, wants a horse of her own.
I know them personally and believe me when I tell you Laura is the queen of lying. They are the laughing stalk of the area. Not liked at all. They cause trouble wherever they go. They have been asked to leave barns or not allowed in. Don't believe most of the stuff Laura has said on the channel. All lies.
The riding instructor doesn’t know a thing about basic horse knowledge
I agree with what you and Megan say. I also find them a bit annoying, but they aren’t necessarily bad people by any means. I think the horses they have are not good for them at this moment, in fact I don’t think they should even own horses at the stage they are in. That’s just my opinion though. I think that their last trainer was terrible, although I don’t know anything about them or even their name. But what I do know is that the girls can’t trot well and honestly can’t and shouldn’t canter, but they were going over jumps? In my opinion any trainer that is letting their students jump if they don’t know the basics should not be a trainer. I don’t think it was the family’s fault in this case, and they sure got some hate about it when it was really the trainer that wasn’t doing a good job. I think they don’t know enough about horses (in the sense of horsemanship and caring/owning a horse) to own a horse either.
So personally I’m not a fan... I do watch their videos occasionally because I like to see what they are doing with the horses but that’s really it. They aren’t a bad family at all, hopefully no one takes this the wrong way, I just think that they need to be more informed in the equine world and more experienced to own horses.
They’re okay. I find them a little annoying. One of the girls fail videos were quite interesting. Especially the one where she screamed when the horse bolted🙃 I don’t hate them, but I don’t think the horses are correct for them and they rushed into riding , missing some basic things. I mean I can’t really speak because I’m not a pro or anything but I’m just saying. What do you think of them?
I watch them everyday! I think that they are a great family. I do feel like sometimes they get a lot of things that aren't really necessary ( like buying more than 1 or 2 crops and buying bell boots since their horses don't need them), but I think that they do deserve their horses. They go to the barn basically everyday and they take really good care of them. They are always trying to find ways to give their horses they best life they can have. I do feel like the horses they bought might not be the best for them at the moment, but who knows, they could become really perfect horses for them, and teach them more than any other horse could've. With the girl's riding abilities, I feel like they've skipped some of the basics and are doing things that are beyond what they can do. But I'm not a trainer or an expert so I don't really know. But overall, I think they are great.