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What type of make up do you wear everyday? I need some ideas to have a make up I can wear at uni in NYC, but also at the barn

What type of make up do you wear everyday? I need some ideas to have a make up I can wear at uni in NYC, but also at the barn
I’ve switched to nyx, it’s not a huge brand so isn’t as expensive but it’s pretty good quality, I’ll typically do a full face with a dark eye at school but ditch it for a neutral at the barn (concealer, NYX’s bb cream, light brown shadows, no highlight, and a little bronzer, And I always carry an EOS now. They are really nice and they come in soooo many flavors. I’ve pretty much completely ditched lipstick and gloss for an EOS.
If you are like me and like a very simple makeup (enhancing your natural features) I would recommend to use the basics, concealer (nars has a good one but there are cheaper brands), masacra (wet n wild has really good ones or cover girl) that makes a big difference, and if you feel like it some contour or base to even out your skin and shape it, last I would apply a little bit of highlighter (the creamy one from Becca “shimmering perfector” is a very natural one). And optional, some face mists to keep your makeup and skin hydrated specially during winter or if you feel like your skin gets dry in the barn (Mario badescu is my fav) and for skincare CLINIQUE has changed my skin so much and I love it.... sorry form making this long, hope it helped !!!
I’ve always loved Clinique products, they have foundation for every skin type. I always try to keep a natural look but also have uneven skin tone. I use their acne solutions to help keep my skin healthy as well! Also in love with better than sex mascara from too faced(waterproof). Don’t forget during the winter time to hydrate your skin as well. Riding always drys my out so much! I use Neutrogena for skin care, make up removal wipes because they’re easy to wipes because they’re easy to use and kind of compact and can take them anywhere, as well as their moisturizers!
Artistry studios, soo good
Hey Cassie. Here are a few products that I use for a natural/easy look. I moisturize and clean my face every morning with a toner. I then put some brow gloss (the Glossier one is amazing for that), and Givenchy compact powder. It my skin is not great with imperfections, I sometimes apply some fluid foundation and concealer. I wear a little mascara (waterproof if I go for sports), and putting bronzer under your cheek bones also helps sculpting and giving a more sun kissed look! ;)