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Do you wear your Apple AirPods while riding?

Do you wear your Apple AirPods while riding?
Personally I don’t think it’s safe to wear headphones while riding. Rather use a speaker 🔈 😊
No, I wouldn't listen to music or do anything to distract yourself, you could put yourselfnor your pony in danger. Just enjoy the ride
I would not. Just like I do not carry my phone in my pony. I do not want a distraction. And I feel that it is time for just me and my pony. I block out all distractions.
I wouldn’t recommend using headphones like Alannah said a speaker is a lot safer
I did a few times and they never fell off but I’m always scared of that so I don’t doit anymore... + my horse is scared of everything so I need to be present all the time Incase there is any noise that could scare him. I think if you are confident and positive you don’t need to be that present during that ride then go ahead by always keep in mind the fact that sometimes we need to be aware of our surrounding in order to have a successful ride. If it’s a field or place you know well and feel comfortable in I would doit, or try to just wear in one ear so you can still listen to everything.
I don’t, and personally I think it can be a bit unsafe to wear headphones while riding. A speaker would be a better idea because you can still listen to your music but you can also hear others around you in case of an emergency.