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To what extent do you think horses helped you to become who you are now, or still help you to become who you want to be?

To what extent do you think horses helped you to become who you are now, or still help you to become who you want to be?
98% the other two percent is one I’m still a human and the last one is I still try hard without my horse
I think horses help you how life works. When you fall you get back up, if something Goes wrong you need to change and adapt your plan. If something Goes right ones you can’t assume it will stay right unless you work hard. Horses teach you the important stuff in life the good and the bad.
After my parents divorce, my introduction to horses gave me the confidence I have in myself. They have also taught me how when life knocks you down, you get right back up.
A lot horses have helped me not to be bored I think without them I would see things in a different picture like a plastic bag you might just think it’s just a bag but to me it’s not to me it’s a death sentence
Horses have helped me develop into the person I am in many ways. When I was younger I definatly didn't like to stay still. My mom's best friend (who i'm currently training with) let me ride and that's where it all began. Horses have taught me to be patient and grateful. My horse had taught me that no matter the outcome of events, there is still another chance to try again and improve. Because of horses, I have learned to love myself and try my hardest
Great question Kareen.

I think that I definitely would not have evolved as I did and become who I am now without horses.
I grew up with the responsibility of living beings, and with the desire to progress in my sport, and as a horse woman.
This kept me focused on very balanced and sane activities while growing up, while my friends were hanging out a lot and experimenting various things that were not necessarily very positive for them.
Horses gave me a reason to become a better person, thrive for the best, and become an independent and strong woman. I think that our sport also develops our sensibility to emotions, beauty and aesthetics in general. Horses give me a unique eye on the world and on things. I also do realize how important the influence of the animal and of the lifestyle around it do influence many other things in the world from art to fashion etc...