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Why did you start riding, and was it a family heritage?

Why did you start riding, and was it a family heritage?
For me it was family heritage, I was put on a horse when I was 18 months old ( their where 4 people holding me up plus someone guiding the horse 😂) but when they tried to take me of I started balling my eyes out lol. My grand mother and father both ride and my dad knows the basics but never really got into it. Now i’ve been riding my hole life and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
When I was younger I thought horse looked so pretty so when I was seven my dad brought me to a horse camp and I loved it so I started taking lessons once a week every day since. No one else in my family rides horses.
I have no friggin clue. Nobody in my family rides or no anything about horses but I’ve always attracted to horses since I was little. My parents took me to my first lesson when i was 8 and I’ve been hooked ever since. 😂
I started riding about 5 years ago!!

Nine of my parents has ever ridden. My mom was scared of horses. And my dad just never wanted to!

I think my grandmother and great grandmother rode a bit though!
I started riding around 3 years ago. My sister got a single riding lesson for her birthday and that turned into leasing and then eventually buying. So I started riding when I saw how cool horses were when watching my sister in one of her lessons
I have no idea why

my mother did when she was young but I didn’t find out until after I started

my brother but start with him cuz we couldn’t afford it anymore when I was old enough to start

I started like13 weeks ago and can only do it once a week so I’m trying to get my first job to be able to go at least twice a week cuz I think it’s kinda unfair on my mom to make her pay more than once a week
I literaly was born on a horse family becise my grandfather are the national jumprider champion and i realy start riding at my 9 tears old .
I was born into the world of horses and had no say in the matter.
I started riding at the age of six and am now 19 and own two of my own horses but mine was a heritage
I was going away to sleep away camp and wanted to do a little trail ride in upstate New York because I never did it before got home and immediately asked for lessons the second I started riding English I feel in love and so happy that my high school just started an equestrian team and no one in my family ever rode before my brother and dad hated riding when they did it
My parents took me to my first camp when I was 5 and stated lessons when I was ten.
I had gone on a field trip in pre school and I just loved them after
It was my escape after my parents got divorced. I started at 7 years old as an English jumper. It has not necessarily been a family heritage until now.
Riding horses had been my dream since the very moment I saw them.
It wasn’t a family heritage at all.
I’ve started jumping a few months ago and I’m the only person I know in my far off relationships who has this unique passion
AS a I’d I was always taking about horses and begged my patentable to let me ride. When I was 7 they brought me to my first lesson! I rarely missed any lessons and was always excitedly to go. As I grew I changed horses and came More often even when I wasn’t riding. I eventually got my own horse and here I am!
So to answer the second part of your question, no. No one else in my family rides. I always say I wish my parents rode and I grew up with horses but I think the horses wouldn’t have been as special to me if they were a part of my life since a very young age.
I was obsessed with horses from a very early age, practically from birth. There are no riders in my family, I just fell in love with horses themselves and wanted to learn everything I possibly could about them. I started riding when I was 4 after lots of begging and bothering my parents about it. :) My dad especially has always loved going to the barn with me, though he doesn't ride.
Hey Dereck, my mom has been extremely involved in the sport since ever. She was a hunter jumper herself and showed until a pretty faire level. She adores horses, and adores the fact that all the family can bond around that. My father and my brother have never been into horses, but they enjoy going to shows and always ask my mom and I about the horses. They live this passion in a very different way, but are involved in it. So yes, as a rider myself I can say that horses are a family heritage and a family bonding experience.