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I want to keep an equestrian touch in my apartment, do you have any idea of what I can add?

I want to keep an equestrian touch in my apartment, do you have any idea of what I can add?
A frame of your horse!😍
Go fond Adamsbro Equestrian on Instagram☺️ Lots of cool stuff👌🏻
I have pictures of my mare in a lovely frame. Plan on hanging my ribbons under it just haven’t gotten around to it!

What about getting an antique bridle and hanging it on a wall or framing it or something?

You could also decorate a pin board with pictures, rosettes, horse shoes, bits and medals etc
I love traditional horseshoes on walls and hangers made of them (but not in weird combinations - just simple ones), photos of horses and as an artist I like to have lot of art around me - so sculptures and my sketches of horses, nature e.t.c.
A photograph or paiting would look really nice i hava a painting of my own horse
HI why don’t you do a collage of you and horses or pony’s and add into the mix some bits
Have a look at the photographs of Raphael Macek! They are amazing and the first thing that will move in with me, when I get my own apartment.
I agree with Maddy, especially with going to Pinterest. Pieces of tack can be tastefully incorporated into design. Deep, saturated colors and plaids have a vintage equestrian feel and will look great.
Hi Gary!

There are many ways in which you can add an equestrian touch to your apartment, may it be with subtle details or atmosphere, or with explicit equestrian objects or representations.
On my part, I absolutely love everything related to the Ralph Lauren style interiors, which feature a very polo/Hamptons universe. Only choosing this style already relates to an equestrian universe (colors, objects…). On top of that I like to add black and white horse photographies from artists, or equestrian photography books in the living room. Small statues or stirrups can also add a nice equestrian detail to hold books for example. You can also pick cashmere or wool rugs for your bed or the sofa, which can feature some equestrian illustrations (bridles, horse profile…). You can source many Ralph Lauren inspirations of course by going to their store or website, but also on Pinterest!