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Do you like fast fashion brands like Mango, Zara...?

Do you like fast fashion brands like Mango, Zara...?
Hi Amber,
I had a school project for my fashion class where we actually needed to take a position regarding this issue. I studied a lot the production and supply chain challenges that companies such as Zara face. On the consumer point of view these brands are amazing: trendy designs, new things to shop almost every week, lots of choice, small prices, lots of parallels with designer products, shops everywhere around the world… And so on. However, to me, this clearly is the best representation of the negativity of consumerism in our society in general. I was an avid Zara shopper for basics, but really shifted my way of seing things. I now buy much less, but make a real investment on high quality products. I buy designers and new smaller brands, for the message that they vehiculate, but also because I know that there are poor chances that the workers were abused in the production process. I also like brands which choose organic materials for their clothes (especially cotton). To me the fact that tons of clothing go to the trash every year is insane. It really proves that we invest ins quantity and not quality, which is bad for our planet.