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If you had to choose one brand for a gown, which one would it be?

If you had to choose one brand for a gown, which one would it be?
Hi Jodie! Personally I would choose Antarés France, is a fantastic brand. Every creation is very detailed and bridles, saddles and caps are perfect.
The price of the products is quite high but it’s worth it!

Another perfect products are from Sherri Hill, I think that they have the most beautiful dresses in the world, I was in one of their stores in Poland and I can ensure you that there’s nothing quite like those spectacular dresses

Have a good day!! :)
Lavin and Chanel.
Def Christian Dior, if your budget won't wobnle
Latter-day Bride and Prom
Carolina Herrera
Hello Jodie,
Christian Dior is fabulous but the price tag is 😬💸💸💸
Hi Jodie! I have always been a fan of the Elie Saab collections. Especially the one of 2-3 years ago. It is so elegant. I could definitely wear only their dresses for the rest of my life haha
However I agree with Kareen, if you are younger you would want to look into brands such as Stella or the Protagonist for example.
Hey Jodie, I am a huge fan of Lanvin in general, I find that the materials and designs of the dresses are always very feminine, fluid and elegant. It definitely is a style that I love to wear. I also liked a lot what Versace did for the last MET Gala, even if it would be harder for me to wear it made me look more into their designs haha
Otherwise Stella McCartney does simple but modern styles of gowns that I really appreciate. If you are younger it is a brand that should be easier for you to wear. :-)