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What are your must-haves in your cabin luggage on a plane?

What are your must-haves in your cabin luggage on a plane?
Face, hand (and whatever else) cream necessarily ‘cause of the dry air in planes, book, earphones, if I can a pillow or blanket
Phone ear phones charger book/word surch/cross word food if not food than money passport tickets BRING A BLACKET makes the trip so much better even if it’s short some sort of sucky sweets
How is this horse related? 🤔
My laptop and phone for starters. Then a good book. Blanket and pillow. And chargers.
Phone, earbuds, travel pillow
Definitely my phone, a good book and one of those travel pillows so I can have a good ol’ nap.
Spare clothes, toiletries for in case your luggage goes missing
My laptop
My list consists: of a lip barm, my phone, ah hat and some woolly socks and probebly some chill out clothes like long Jon’s :)
Hello Norman, I know that this is a very LA style but I love the supreme cabin bags that LV edited this year, the red is nice but if you want a more discrete version you can go for the black one. Also, Loro Piana makes beautiful Italian bags, a real art piece! The leather is amazing. If you don't want to invest a whole lot into it, you can look into the Goyard ones, or the rigid Rimowa small suitcases. These are the brands that I would go for: I always try to invest once but well, and not demultiply the amount of things that I have, but go for nice quality and design.
As for what I put into it, I always bring a hydrating cream, a bottle of bottle that I purchased right before, a book, some advil, some vitamins, and a scarf. These are my essentials for traveling.
Hello Norman!

Here is the my list: a lip balm, my book of the moment, hear plugs, a beanie as I like to feel comfy especially on a plane, a mascara and a lipstick 🙂