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Does it snow where you live, and what do you do on a snow day?

Does it snow where you live, and what do you do on a snow day?
Yes! I’m normally out of school so there so I just chill at home.
In the Netherlands it snows sometimes, last year we had a lot of snow for couple of weeks (a lot for Dutch terms 😜). With temperatures of -10 to -15°C we do have trouble with freezing issues. We have a very large indoor arena, a smaller one and an indoor lunging area so training the horses is never a problem. We try to flat the paddocks before it starts freezing overnight to keep the footing safe. In the morning we start earlier to shove snow from the parking lot and make clear paths from the barns to the paddocks and walkers, and salt the paths to prevent icing. We had a lot of problems with freezing water pipes last year so we replaced all the pipes with freeze-proof pipes so hopefully we don't have to water all the horses (110-115 ish) with buckets 🤪 we let the riding school horses and ponies loose in the small indoor in the morning to prevent crazy bolting bucking actions during lessons in the afternoon 😅
Yes. And I usually catch up on barn work and keep horses exercised if it’s not to cold