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What would you include in a first aid box for equines?

What would you include in a first aid box for equines?
Stethoscope, thermometer, some sort of anti-bacterial cream, and eye wash.
vet wrap
Aluspray, vetwrap, duct tape, scissors, dressings, animalintex hibiscrub, clay poultice.
Vet Wrap
Bute Sachets
Bandages, creams like savlon, tcp etc, scissors, sticky tape, wound powder, green oils,.
Gauze/wraps, Band-Aids for the rider,poultice, thermometer, some type of first aid cream, antimicrobial spray, diapers.
Bandages of various sizes and shapes. A small pair of scissors. A poultice or two. Disinfectant/alcohol wipes. Iodine spray and/or blue spray. Baby nappies (for foot bandaging). Tape. Gamgee. Cotton wool. Hibiscrub or equivalent. Thermometer (labelled and with a string attached). Vaseline. Wraps to keep bandages clean. Vet wrap is always handy to have in case you run out of tape. Ice pack/heat pack. Disposable gloves. Sterile tweezers. Syringes.

I would also have the vets number taped to the side of the box, and a back up number if available.
Bare in mind also that some wounds take a long time to heal and may require several bandage changes so keep plenty of them supplies. Not long ago, we had a pony put his foot through a wire fence and cut his pastern. It took almost a month to heal, with two weeks of daily bandage changes. We needed enough wipes, bandages, cotton wool and wraps to keep us going for that long.