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What do I need to get before buying my first horse?

What do I need to get before buying my first horse?
have local knowledge for.ur area... a vet , a carrier.
Experience . We spent time at a riding school , got some advice and were willing to listen and learn. But by bit we got more confident until we were ready to move out and find our own land. It’s important to have people you can ask advice from . If you don’t have any experience at all don’t take on too much too soon. But enjoy the learning and soon you’ll be ready to have your own horse.
Money 💰
Best to have an adequate amount of land, dry stabling area, transport box if you intend eventubg,tack, feed, and a source of fresh water. Cheapest part of buying a horse for the first time. Is actually paying for the horse. It’s all after care like vet Bills & blacksmith & entering events etc that will end up being constant costs which are unavoidable. To have your own horse tho is priceless!!
Super important to get tack, grooming equipment, rugs, a first aid kit and all the basics. Then do as much reading as possible and get a ton of advice! Good luck :)
A professional. Someone who knows what you need.
Make sure you have all the essentials, basic tack, all the necessary food and supplements for you new horse, and of course bear for yourself
Tack and rugs , feed
You need time and kermitment
Knowledge is king x
Water, food and shelter with grazing land
Lots of lessons and time!
Yard equipment! I’m getting my first horse on Sunday and due to spending all my money on Christmas presents, I’ve realised I don’t even have a bloody wheelbarrow!! It’s those kind of things that you take for granted like feed bins and grooming kits and shavings forks!! Good luck xxx
A nice and secure place to house your horse whether that would mean having an open space or a stable. Most horses will come with tack provided but you might need to buy rugs and coats plus tack cleaning equiment and brushes and a hoof pick. Most important of epecially if the horse is to be kept in a stable... Food! Whether that be pellets, chaff or hay. Talk to your local farm/horse store for more info on that.
But most of all find a horse that is perfect for you by trying it and have it on loan for awhile for buying. Also get a Vet to check the out before you buy.
A safe secure place to keep your horse, sufficient money to ensure it it does not want for anything.
Many thanks
Somewhere to keep it
Make sure you have livery sorted either stable and turn out or field and shelter full grooming kit hay nets buckets brush shovel pitchfork wheelbarrow. Feed buckets water buckets basic equine first aid kit insurance vet hay/straw supplier and an experienced mentor tack and fitter if new to horse. Enough money a month to be able to keep a horse.
A good education on horse and stable management and a lot of riding lessons
Make sure you know a lot about basic care and the needs of a horse first and ask yourself if you will be able to commit not only with money, but with time too.
Horses are a huge responsibility but for me are 100% worth the time, money and (often) stress! 😂
Just make sure you have enough time to care for the horse.