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How do you keep balanced while doing bareback cantering? Thank you so much🙏

How do you keep balanced while doing bareback cantering? Thank you so much🙏
Start slow, get your balance at a walk and trot first!
Start out by riding in the saddle without your stirrups. This should help a lot when you go bareback! Remember not to grip your horse with your calves as this will confuse him with his forward aids. Use your abs to stabalize, be soft in the hip and use your thighs to grip rather then your lower leg. And as i'm sure you've heard, practice practice practice!
Start by cantering without stirrups, this should help with when you eventually want to canter bareback. Sit centered and keep your legs wrapped around your horse. Hope this helped!!
Don't put your heals down until you are comfortable cantiring and can keep your seat, even then only do it at shows if you can! Putting your heals down actually titans the musscels in your legs, so if your horse was to spook you could tear a muscle from to much strain.
Just sit on your horse and take it slow...find your balance. Honestly i feel that trotting bareback is harder then loping bareback so you it shouldnt be hard.
Slow your hose down and relax not too much though , and dont lean forward nomatter what, and follow the horses rytham just like in the saddle, whatever you do dont grip with your heels.
Heels down, chin up and breath
Practice is always key. And knowing when your body and horse is ready for that. While in riding bareback you are in the ‘long leg’ position. This is most commonly used in dressage and western. The only difference if your heel may not be in alignment but your ear, shoulder, and hip should be. Gaining balance at the trot will help a lot. Learning to trot and post without holding reins and putting your arms in different positions helps your balance. :) Relax your hips and flatten your back so you’re ‘sitting on your pockets’. Hope this helps!
Soft hips that move with the horse but if you're struggling a cheat would be to tilt you shoulders forward ever so slightly.
Have you tried multiple horses? I know some ponies can be smoother than others.
Somethings to try though would be keep your heels down with your weight in them, imagine huge weights hanging off your ankles pulling you around the horses barrel and grab some mane if it makes you more comfortable. If you tend to get tense while cantering bareback, that may be why it’s harder for you to stay on. So overall, relax and soften your self like you want your horse to be, moving as one. Goodluck! I love cantering bareback, really great one on one with the horse!
I think it all starts from relaxation. If you will maintain slight contact won’t our legs on the horse and allow the horse to carry you and just take a deep breath you will see a big difference .
Practice makes perfect. I always found the canter to be easier to stay put than the trot while bareback.. if you can stay at the trot, and you feel comfortable then consider cantering. Might not be pretty at first but that’s where practice comes into play.!
Thank you ill sure try that👌
keep long legs
You should try to move your pelvis accordingly to horse's movement and hold the horse using your thighs -- rotating your heel outwards should help you with that, because it forces your knees to move onwards increasing your grip. Also, remember to keep your center of mass in the middle. I found it easiest to learn in round pen, so you can focus on riding not worrying about anything else, but if you don't have option of riding in pen, try elongating your stirrups and sitting in the saddle while cantering -- it should give you similar experience as riding bareback, so you can easier transition