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What would you do if you won the GPA helmet?

What would you do if you won the GPA helmet?
I would use my new helmet every day insted of my old helmet. Because my old one is soo old so i need a new one.
I would be so happy that I get to use a new helmet instead of my cheap one that I have right now
Throw out my old cheap helmet! I always hear stories about head injuries but yet I use cheap($80) helmets
I’d actually wear a helmet! 😅
I would incredibly happy and thankful. My helmet is cheap and old. I’ve had it and used it a lot over the past 10 years. I just temporarily fixed the old padding in it. If I won I would clean and check it for anything that’s broken to make sure I get the best out of it. I would most definitely wear it. Ya gotta show that beautiful thing off. And I would let my equestrian friends check it out and recommend them to purchasing their own because the GPA helmet is the best!
I would use this as my first helmet while training my mustang. I’d also like to start using one while running games.
Wear it!
I would go for a ride
I will be so happy because I need new helmet. I will go to stable and ride 💕
Fistly put it on right away and go for a ride!
If I was lucky enough to win n GPA helmet, I would go and tell all equestrians to go and buy your product and I would be so grateful to get such an amazing helmet. I would also make sure that GPA gets the attention of all equestrians because they deserve it.
Wear it daily! I don't have a helmet and need one.
I will wear it all dayyyyy!!! I love GPA so much (I don’t have an helmet yet) xxxx
Wear it? :P