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Do you love eventing and why?

Do you love eventing and why?
I am not a fan of eventing just because I don’t think the riders’ technique is very effective (especially when it comes to the horse). Eventing is extremely hard on the horse, I honestly dont know how eventers keep their horses sound. I know my opinion is probably unpopular but I just think the riders can be pretty average and ‘scary’ and get away with it :/
No, I took distance from that and jumping, and practically every high-level competitions beside racing
I love it
Yes awesome sport
Love eventing !!
I love it! Definitely my favorite sport because I love the variety and how well rounded both horse and rider need to be!
I love it! I think it’s an awesome category of riding because it combines multiple different types.
Yeah I do! I wish to compete at Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials!!
I'm an eventing enthusiast!