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Do you know the benefits of animal physiotherapy?

Do you know the benefits of animal physiotherapy?
I am an very nearly qualified as an animal physiotherapist so I may be a small bit biased, but physiotherapy has many benefits, particularly when used in conjunction with other professionals such as farriers, vets and dentists. As Tammy says, much like human physio, the greatest effects of animal physio can be seen during injury recovery, after surgery, or to help relieve issues caused by conformation. However, it also helps to prevent injury by treating small problems before they become a big problem. A horse is an athlete, some to a greater extent than others, but like all athletes, physiotherapy is important for their proper function and movement.
The benefits of physiotherapy in horses is that it makes them relaxed and feel more comfortable. I use physio every 4 to 6 months depending on how my horses feel after physio they feel so loose and more relaxed they feel amazing.. I would definitely look into animal physio I also believe that other animals should also be aloud to have physio as they all have aches and pains just like us humans they just can’t tell us when they are in pain,like we can
I believe physio is the best thing around
There are so many good things about physio for animals they can be freed from pain being uncomfortable free from restrictions of movement animals are the same as people when it comes to muscles if you one day happen to lift something heavier than usual or do a new workout routine your muscles take strain because they are not used to being worked same with animals if they run super fast one day they tend to be stiff the next day or if they have pulled a muscle there will be pain so having a physio out for your animals is a great thing you can make your pet more comfortable more relaxed have them in less pain and have them happier
There are a number of benefits depending on the range of treatment your horse receives. Hydrotherapy is an excellent way of building up the horses muscles as they work hard through the viscosity of the water whilst not having to bear weight on any injuries they may have.massage can help with lymphatic drainage and bring blood to areas that need to heal. Passive and active range of movement aim to improve a horses range of movement to make working easier for them and more fluid.
I would suspect the benefits are similar to human benefits. PT helps with injury recovery and strength and endurance.