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Have you ever had a GPA helmet?

Have you ever had a GPA helmet?
No, but I definitely want to have one!!
No never but I would like to have one
No, unfortunately I have never even got a chance to see one. I would love to have a chance to try it on, I have heard so many amazing things about them ❤
No, haha
I’ve always been too poor. But would be nice to try
Yes I have, I ride in one every day! They are amazing helmets! Wouldn’t have anything else 😍❤️
I’ve always worn gpa helmets they are si comfortable that they’re always my choice
Yup! I'm on my 3rd... had the speed air. Then the First Lady. Now I went for the little lady this time. It's a bit cheaper in price and I think it looks way classier. Plus it's super comfortable and still has the wide brim. Which I love. Cause rain doesn't get on my glasses as much ha
Ive had a gpa helmet now for many years and love it!
Yes! I have been riding in a GPA most of my riding career. I currently ride in a GPA First Lady. Highly recommend 👍🏼
The riding school where I used to work. The owner's son had one, never had a chance to wear it myself though, but would love the chance
Yes, I used to have one. And I really recommend it because it is so comfortable