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What is the best way to balance school, work, and the barn?

What is the best way to balance school, work, and the barn?
Definitely not an easy thing to do, but I have to have myself on a strict strict schedule. I have pre-scheduled pro rides and lessons so I have built-in times for homework after I ride
Schedules. I have lots and lots of schedules and I stick to them. That’s really key for me.
The way that I have found (figures it out the hard way) was to move closer to the barn lol. I currently live 30 minutes from my school then from school its 30 minutes to the barn and an hour home. I will be moving 10 minutes from school and 20 to the barn so it's a great move. I can spend more time with my horse and have time to study.
There’s no easy answer... I’m studying at university to become a nurse, so I’m in class from 8am to 7pm five days a week. I miss my boy, but he lives in paddock at the stable and at least I know he’s happy and can live as a horse. I ride when I have free time, but for me go there, brush his mane, give him a treat and go back to uni... is enough :)
Not easy.. I'm From Italy and I go at the university twice a week. In the morning I have three horses at home and I want to keep them trained , If I can't ride them frequently, I give them a big paddok for run and having fun without me.
I work on the afternoon.
Love my three guys, but they're expensive !
Take time to do what you must do (school/work/making money) first then you can do what i think you really want to do later (barn/ride) without feeling bad contious đź‘Ť