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What are your best tips on repurposing an off track thoroughbred for hunter jumper events?

What are your best tips on repurposing an off track thoroughbred for hunter jumper events?
Thanks everyone, my mares backstory is off track, then brood mare for the past 5 years. We have been doing ground work and lunging over ground poles and 1 set of x-rails. I've had 3 solid rides on her, she has a great disposition, got her in September s hes put on approx 250 lbs since then!
Time. Give them a lots of time. Start very very slow. Don’t rush and always make it their idea when doing anything “alothough we asked them to do it”
Down time and let him be a horse for some time. Then Dressage first. Jumping is Dressage between fences!
Give him enough down time and fix his body first before anything. Then start at the very basics with a dressage trainer initially which will give you guys the best start in him learning to accept the bit and soften, to come through from behind correctly and round. Which will then be transferred to the H/J ring when ready
Lunging is where I would start. Make sure the horse is capable of picking their feet up over jumps. Also, getting into proper form for hunt seat, so practice riding over trot poles and jumps.
Slow and steady. Make sure you do a lot of flat work to build up the proper muscle tone. Then as you begin teaching them to jump, just drill the same jump so the horse can gain confidence slowly. Dont start with lines or courses early on. Once you go to introduce poles or a line, do it with ground poles first before setting up small jumps. I did it with my OTTB. Good luck!
Make sure the horse has enough downtime from the track. Start them light and always keep things different. Sometimes doing the same routine often makes them go sour. And most importantly enjoy the process and don’t stress over setbacks!
Start slow, make them wait, it’s okay to chip in when they are learning!