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Do you think you need all the best brands of riding gear to be a great rider?

Do you think you need all the best brands of riding gear to be a great rider?
No way!!! Use what you can and have access to, it's time and determination that makes the rider.
Not if you are talking about clothing. But when it comes to, as an example, a saddle you might wanna go with a better brand to get the best out of your horse which will help you riding better
Strada saddles
Of course not !:) but the quality is nice
You don’t ride better with the best brands, but they sure do last longer! Of course, a correctly fitted saddle and gear would help immensely and you can become the best rider by having the ambition and the passion to do so!
Hey, I personally like «the best brands» because i find the quality to be a lot better. But, you don’t necessarily become a better rider! Of course a nice fitted saddle and gear would help, but not get you on top level!😄
I believe that you need what works for you and your horse, personally my horse is off the track and he is so much happier with the way that I do things on a bidget then when he was given the best of the best so do what works for you
Absolutely not!
To be a great rider you need disclipine, ambition, patience and talent. Having the best equipment is NOT important. It is easy to get caught up in the style and “looks” of this sport. But to be a great rider you need to simply work your ass off.
Not at all. My favorite saddle is one I’ve been riding in since I was a teen. It wasn’t expensive at all - just well made and very comfortable.
No not at all as long as you and your horse are comfortable
Not at all, some of those brands are really overpriced and at the end of the day it all comes to your technique
Not at all but of u work hard for it then it is worth it
Of course not, gear from amazing brands is awesome but it is, ofcourse, not necessary. You can be an awesome rider without the most expensive gear