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What are some ways to heal cuts/scratches on horses?

What are some ways to heal cuts/scratches on horses?
When I first got my horse she had a ton of small cuts on her and after experimenting with a few different products I found three that worked really well.

The first one is Farnam Aloe Heal. First off it smells *amazing*! It worked super efficiently and healed the cuts in no time. The only thing though is that the product itself was not super heavy duty meaning it would get rubbed off pretty quickly in the paddock and it didn’t stay on well with rain or water. Link:

The second one is a CVS brand A&D ointment. It technically is diaper cream 😳 but it also works for cuts/scrapes. This one is SUPER thick so if your horse is outside often this might be the way to go because it stays on through pretty much anything.

The last one I unfortunately don’t remember the brand I got! I know there are other brands out there that have the same general idea though. It was a honey based cream that helps heal the wound very naturally. I found that it didn’t do as great of a job as the farnam aloe heal and didn’t stay on as well as the cvs cream. It is definitely a great way to go if you want to be more natural though. One thing that I find though is that it can be more expensive.

Hope this helps answer your question and hopefully the cuts heal soon!