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What are your thoughts on male equestrians?

What are your thoughts on male equestrians?
I wouldn't pay any attention to people who are judging you. While their seems to be more female riders in the lower spheres, the top seems mostly male dominated. Anyone who judges you for horse riding needs to grow up. They must not be very happy in their own life that they would waste their energy worrying about somebody else's completely reasonable hobbies. I am guessing you are quite young?
i’m just saying where i am, i get judged a lot so wanted to see what other people thought
More common where I’m from so the main events are male dominated and they’re so crazy😂
Same as female equestrians but with different body parts? I'm not really sure what you're asking to be honest.
I think men are just as welcome as women in the equestrian world. We need more men in the sport as there seems to be far more women