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How can I build a relationship with my horse?

How can I build a relationship with my horse?
Groundwork, Liberty and Grooming for hours
You can also sit in his paddock for a while and just spend time with him.
@caoimhesweeney no, I don’t own the horse, it’s a school horse but the place where I go ride they “give you” a horse (or you choose it) and you are the only one who rides it so it’s like if it was because she is not being ridden by anyone else but it’s not at my name. That’s why I want to try and start a bond as soon as possible because I’m going to be with her for a long time because We can’t afford a horse yet. (I’m positive I will eventually in a few years)
The Willing has a good article on building a relationship with your horse. The website is mostly based off positive reinforcement, but I found it very helpful. I think the article was in her FAQ page under how to get started with clicker training or positive reinforcement training. And the article should be in there I think.
I have been in the same position where you don’t own or lease the horse. It can be hrd to build a bond/ connect. My advice is just to have confidence if the horse and trust them. And reward time for doing the right thing.
Do you own the horse?
I have this horse i've been riding for a few months and i barely have any contact with her besides when i have to ride her (sometimes a little but not too much). I feel like she associates me with only riding and sometimes when i go get her in the field she "avoids" me does not want it. I want to work with our bond because she doesen't even know the basics like following, coming when you call and that stuff, i want to build a trust and equal realtionship and once i get there be able to train her even more specially work on ground work. (i need to know the steps i should take)
I just want to start with the basics and i dont know how to, i want her to stay by my side, come when called or seen, idk basically a simple good relationship, any tips??? She is 9 years old and sometimes a bit bossy but learns fast and very kind, but she doesent really like when you touch her like other horses do, she just takes it but doesen't really enjoys it. I need help cuz i don't know how to start to do it, i want her to obey and stuff because she does not really know anything.