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Ask Taylor Bodson: What is in your show bag :)?

Ask Taylor Bodson: What is in your show bag :)?
I have 2 bags, one for me and one for my horses. Mine has jodhpurs, belt, socks, hairties + hairbrush. Hair net, helmet, show shirt, boot polish, cleaning wipes, water bottle and lunch. My horses have brushes, hoof pic, bands, scissors, saddle cleaner + polish, jumping boots, travelling boots and tail bag etc. i keep all my tack mounted with my saddle so i dont loose it or leave anything behind. And my show jacket on a coat hanger
Hello Charlotte,

I wish I could share a pic with my answer! I love my Maelort Kate ringside bag - I can carry my helmet and crop etc. with the cool compartments it features. I always have: rags, saddle soap, quick shine for last minute ring-ready boots, spurs, tide to go stick, hairnets/hairties, mints (for the ponies!), Advil, tums, a protein bar and two pairs of gloves.