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Ask veroniquemounier: What is your link with horses?

Ask veroniquemounier: What is your link with horses?
I have always been fascinated by horses who are for me the most intelligent and beautiful creature... But the first time I was on a ""real"" horse... I was 40 years old! A late experience but it was incredible! At that time we had a house in Normandy and our neighbours, 2 inconditional horse lovers, had a barn just next doors.

My two kids started to take lessons at the age of 3. They loved this feeling of freedom which was so exceptional at that age, and which only horses could give them!

To accompany them, I decided to try the experience (even if I was scared!) and I learnt to ride for one year with a lovely and very endearing horse who was called Business, aka Bubu.

Unfortunately, he was old and my "career" as a rider ended when he died: I couldn't ride another horse! I tried several times but I was never able to find this feeling of trust and serenity I had when I was riding him.