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Should you put shoes on a working young horse?

Should you put shoes on a working young horse?
Make sure you get someone that is actually a “Barefoot trimmer” not just a farrier because they have two totally different views of hooves and can’t really trim as well as a proper barefoot trimmer (just my personal opinion)
There are going to be some advocates of barefoot for every situation, and some advocates for shoes in every situation. I find it's easier to take it as it comes. For breaking and arena work, we tend to leave shoes off. Once we start doing a lot of road work, we usually put on front shoes (with road studs) and if their feet are bad or they are struggling, we put on back shoes. It really depends on the horse though. Some horses are cursed with really awful feet. Some horses have hooves that are like rocks and likely won't need shoes. I don't think there's a blanket answer for all cases though, and while we use the above as a general guide, horses are taken at a case for case basis. My rule for just about anything to do with horses is "as little as possible, as much as necessary".
Hi Brooke, I think if your horse have an appropriate life then he won't need shoes. With a great follow up by a professional he can be barefoot without hesitation 🙂